Some of the best socialisers are from the Gemini star sign. They love chatting with others and are great at getting a message across in an understandable and friendly way. Many of them work in the media, which is a natural home for this star sign. Watch out if someone selling you something is a Gemini though, as they can easily sweet talk you into buying something you might not have done otherwise.

They're great multitaskers, able to hold conversations at the same time as getting on with tasks productively. But if you don't keep them occupied they can get bored and restless, and with multitaskers getting bored is something which happens frequently even when they've got things to do. The extra energy Geminis have can be expended on pursuits that aren't helpful to themselves such as generating excess stress or even entering into depressed moods.

Gemini's are outgoing people and like to be around others who are as adventurous as themselves. They are therefore great matches with their own star sign, but also work well with other air signs. Fire signs can also work well with airs, but not always.


Libra's tend to be great fans of being at peace. They really dislike conflict and care must be taken to avoid having arguments around them. If there is an argument going on near them they'll try to stay diplomatic and avoid taking sides even if they are close to one of the participants in the argument.

They can be a great calming influence in groups of friends and tend to help diffuse potential conflicts before they come to fruition. They can listen to the problems of others and help them get through whatever it is that is bothering them. They love being around other people and enjoy making friends.

You'd expect that Librans would be great with other Librans, but they tend not to like each other as they find other Librans too laid back. Instead they go for others in the air star signs as well as those with a fire sign.


Those with the aquarius star sign are hard to pin down. Indeed the star sign is the only one where the only major character trait you can definitely point to is individuality. It might in part be due to the lack of others born in this time period, with very low birth rates in January especially. The individuality of people with this star sign means they can often surprise you, even to the extent of being contrarian at times.

Star signs that are dependent shouldn't be matched with Aquarians as they don't like being held back from their own creative personalities. They like those who can provide them with mental stimulation and work well with those who can assist them in their own creative pursuits. They often work well with other Aquarians but only if their individuality is somewhat alike. Other air star signs can work well, as can fire signs which are in general compatible with air signs.