Aries - The Ram
March 20 - April 19

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Stone: Diamond
Metal: Iron

Those born under the sign of Aries tend to be adventurous, active people. They have a love of travel, and enjoy the challenges associated with exploring new places and cultures. They see the world through childlike eyes, taking an interest in what goes on around them. Aries people tend to be very trusting and at times this can land them in trouble, but they are tough resilient personalities and have an ability to bounce back from whatever hardships life may throw at them.

Being ruled by Mars, the Aries personality is typically rather forceful and it can take a strong character to tame one. And with their love of adventure, Aries people need excitement in their relationships and may become bored or restless if things seem routine. It is not unusual for an Aries to deliberately rock the boat and provoke confrontation in such a situation.