Cancer - The Crab
June 21 - July 22

Element: Water
Planet: The Moon
Stone: Ruby
Metal: Silver

Cancerians are strongly influenced by the Moon, and like the Moon they can change rapidly in mood and temperament. One day they can be happy and good-humoured, the next day sad and despondent. Living on such an emotional roller-coaster makes Cancerians very protective of their inner selves, and like the Crab of their starsign, they tend to present a tough exterior to the outside world in order to protect the softness that lies within them.

Home and family are very important to the Cancerian, although they frequently enjoy travel too - as long as they are sure that they can return to stability when the need arises. They have an interest in the past, and are often keen collectors and hoarders. What may seem worthless might be a Cancerian's most treasured possession! Financially Cancerians are good at accumulating money, but reluctant to part with it.

Stable relationships are important to Cancerians - they need to feel secure and comfortable with a partner before letting them get to know their true selves. Once in a relationship they are loyal and trustworthy, although they can appear guarded and introverted at times.