Taurus is one of the most recognised of all the star signs as the bull. And like the bull those born under this star sign can be hot-headed and also stubborn. If they don't get their own way there can be serious trouble!

Not everything is bad though, those with this star sign tend to be highly reliable people. They won't let you down when you need them. They're also ambitious, but not to the extent that they're put aside those they care for. If you have a Taurus as a friend they're likely to be generous and always there when you need them.

Someone born a Taurus will crave security, and star signs that can give them this will make good friends and lovers. Water and earth signs are the most compatible with Taurus, so if you're a pisces, scorpio, cancer, capricorn or virgo you'll work well with a Taurus.


Virgo's love looking after other people, which makes them great friends especially if you're in need. Despite this sometimes they can seem introverted and quite shy, but this is more modesty than true introversion. Sadly this modest can also be applied to their own sexual prowess and they can sometimes repel advances from potential partners due to their own insecurities.

Virgos tend to be reliable at their work, they are practica people and can also be highly productive. They don't need to be told anything twice as they'll process the information straight away.

Many find Virgo's too conformist and too bothered about the nitty gritty details to see the bigger picture. These characteristics aren't necessary bad, but might clash with the ambitions of those with other star signs.

When looking for partners Virgo's look for reliability and dependability. They like partners similar to themselves in this respect. Other earth signs as well as water signs are the best matches.


Do you know someone who has the potential to do great things but due to their pessimistic attitude probably won't achieve them without someone constantly reassuring them? You probably know someone who is a Capricorn.

They're also often very funny people who can make almost anyone laugh, although they tend to avoid cracking jokes like more egoistic star signs.

They're also not a great star sign to find compatability with as they can often conflict with others. They tend not to be trusting until they really know someone which can often be too late to save a relationship.

Those willing to be patient and put in the work can find a great partner in a Capricorn, but they must remain supportive of them thoughout their life if they are going to achieve their full potential. Leo and Aries tend to have similar similar outlooks to Capricorns, but this doesn't always lead them to be the best partners.

There are many famous capricorns who have overcome their own self doubts to be the best in the world at their fields. If you're a Capricorn don't let your own self doubt get in your way as you're in good company: Elvis, Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali are all Capricorns.