Arians are generally adventurous people, which comes from a combination of their energetic and confident personalities. They can make great leaders and can inspire others due to their creativity and courageousness. There is a flip side to their personality, however. Arians tend to be selfish, which can lead to them alienate themselves from their friends, and can often take risks that lead to ruin. If your friend or partner is an Arian you could play an important role in stabilising their more wilder side.

Arians work well with other fire signs, so if your partner or friend is a Leo or Sagittarius you're well-matched. Air signs also work well with fire signs, like the elements in the material world air supports fire. Air signs include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Sadly if you like someone who is an earth or a water sign you're probably not going to be a great match, as like in the material world water and earth put out fire.


If your star sign is Leo then you're likely to be a highly courageous person with the strength to match. The use of a lion as the symbol of Leo is no accident - many of the traits of lions can also be found in people born in the Leo star sign. You're likely to highly protective, but to others this can come across badly. Some might think you're pushing others around or that your ego is too big.

But the protectiveness also means you're likely to be generous to those around you. You're also quite an optimistic person. For you the glass is always half full rather than half empty. Enthusiasm follows you around, and can lead you to inspire others.

Your ego can get in the way with potential partners, however, as you always like to be the top dog. You should avoid star signs with other egoistic character traits. Generally fire signs are good matches as are air signs. You're likely to get along due to your common drive for freedom.


Sagittarians are great people to be around. They're always fun and filled with life. They'll always see the best in a bad situation and enjoy spending time with those who can also have fun no matter what life throws at them.

They're very independent people who don't like being restricted though, and this can cause problems with being in a relationship with some other star signs. They don't want to be confined to one life course without the option of changing when they feel they need to.

While this might restrict choices of partners, other characteristics help in a relationship. Generally Sagittarians are trusting and open minded with their partners, even if sometimes they are too frank themselves.

Fun loving can be great, but if a Sagittarian gets bored they'll create their own fun in often reckless ways. It's important to keep them occupied. Sagittarians work best with other fire star signs as well as the air signs.

Sagittarians come in two different breeds: the sporty and the intellectual types. They often find themselves in long friendships with those of the same type.