Taurus - The Bull
April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Stone: Emerald
Metal: Copper

Taureans are often deep thinkers, although on the surface they may not appear so. They will tend to present a calm, collected exterior to the world, but underneath they are always thinking and planning for all eventualities.

Trying to get through to a Taurean who is busy with their thoughts can be an almost impossible task, and as a result they may have a reputation for being somewhat stubborn. But in reality Taureans are thoughtful, caring and sensual people, often with a great sense of humour.

Their tendency to think things through means that Taureans have great confidence in their own decisions, and so they are very loyal to their friends and partners. They are hard-working, often artistic, and frequently lovers of nature and the outdoors.