Virgo - The Virgin
August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Stone: Sapphire
Metal: Nickel

Virgos can at times be shy and sensitive characters, but they are also very caring and trustworthy people. If you have a problem, then a Virgo will generally be willing to listen and offer help.

Their generous and trusting nature can sometimes allow Virgos to be victimised and pushed around, but they take such experiences in their stride and use them to help understand others who find themselves in similar situations.

Many Virgos seek opportunities to overcome their natural shyness - often excelling at creative activities such as music or cookery. Virgos are also drawn to the performing arts where they can adopt a more flamboyant personality without necessarily exposing their true selves.

In relationships Virgos are loyal and understanding, in part because they have spent so much time examining their own feelings and emotions. Virgos can derive great pleasure and satisfaction from making life enjoyable for their loved ones.