If you're a Cancer you're probably cautious. You don't like taking risks, especially not in financial matters. But this often is for the best as you have good instincts so know that the risks aren't worth taking. Cancers tend to be hoarders, not just with their money but in life in general. So make sure you don't make an appearance on Hoarders television show!

You're probably quite emotional, which often means you forge strong bonds with friends and have strong romantic relationships. But heightened emotions can also create issues with those you love. You take offense more easily than most would, and you're considered to be over sensitive by some people you know. Your memory is sharp, but you might obsess over bad memories and become moody.

You're most compatible with other water signs - Pisces and Scorpio, as well as the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air balances water so people from these signs can help you control your emotions. You need to be loved and feel secure, so if your partner is from a star sign with qualities that lead to this you should have a happy relationship


As a Scorpio others will find you to be a jealous and often vengeful person, despite the calm image that you nurture and present to the world. You have strong emotional energy that can lead to obsessions and other outbursts.

This emotional energy isn't all bad, however. You'll often find Scorpios to be determined people who get what they want from life. They're not ones to sit on the sidelines. They're often highly sexual, which means compatibility with other star signs is more important than most other star signs.

You'll be most compatible with other water signs as you'll have a strong emotional connection that can't be had with other signs from other elements. Earth signs are also good for Scorpios as they can provide the security Scorpios need for their emotional drive, but you'll have problems connecting with those of fire signs and often won't find much common ground with air signs.


You're known among your friends for your empathy. You're perhaps sensitive but this allows you to connect on a deep level with others feeling pain. This leads you to be kind and helpful to others, and will mean you'll often find lifelong friends due to your generosity.

You're highly idealistic and will often clamor for an escape from the monotony of every day life,. This can be good but also can lead to a downfall if combined with naivety. On a negative note Pisces can be deceitful unless taught otherwise, often keeping secrets from others.

If you're a Pisces you'll need to find a star sign which can cope with your strong emotions. Other water signs are also emotional so can be good matches, as long as the emotions don't clash. Earth signs will also help balance the relationship by providing more stability to your life meaning that even the most emotional periods will be temporary because you'll have a rock of a partner to get you through.